How Much Do Electric Shutters Cost And Are They Worth It?

electric roller shutters

You’ve finished preparing your new building, and you’re eager to start your new business. You’ve painted the inside, decided on the decorations, and told everyone you know about it. Yet, since you didn’t consider roller shutters, the building’s security is nonexistent. So, how much do electric shutters cost and are they worth it? Electric shutters, … Read more

How Often Should Roller Shutter Doors Be Serviced?

Rollers shutter doors being serviced

You’ve just launched your very first shop for your business. Customers are flocking in, you’re receiving fantastic feedback, and your shop’s exterior is looking great with your newly fitted roller shutter doors. There’s only one problem: you’re not sure how often they need to be serviced. So, how often should roller shutter doors be serviced? … Read more

Are Fire Doors Required in Commercial Buildings in the UK?

Emergency exit sign point towards a fire door

For commercial properties in the UK, it is a legal requirement to have fire doors in place in order to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants. Despite this, a lot of commercial property owners don’t understand the importance of fire doors so in this blog we’re going to talk all about them, the regulations that are required of them and where they are needed.

Why Do Shops Have Roller Shutters?

Blue and green roller shutters on a street

Visiting any high street in the UK today, you would be hard pressed to find a shop that does not have a roller shutter or a shuttered industrial door. This is due to the increase in opportunistic crimes in many parts of the country and the desire for shopkeepers to keep their premises more secure. In this article, we’ll explain what roller shutters are and discover all the ways a roller shutter could benefit your business.

A Guide to Types of Roller Shutters

man in front of blue roller shutters

A roller shutter is a rolling door system made up of several components, including horizontal slats which make up the curtain, barrel, canopy and bottom rail. The shutter is raised up and neatly tucked inside a box above the entryway to open it and lowered down when closed. Roller shutters provide a high level of … Read more

What is Considered a Commercial Door?

Custom glass shopfront door

Have you ever paid much attention to the entrance doors of shops, hotels, schools and other commercial settings? You’ve probably noticed that they look quite different from the entrance door in your house. Of course, that’s because they’re designed to be used for a different purpose. Whether you’re currently looking for the right commercial door for your business or just looking for more information about commercial doors, this blog is here to help.

What is the Best Material for Shop Front Shutters?

Electric Roller Shutter in Grey

If you’re currently on the lookout for a shutter for your shop, you might have found that there’s a wide range of not just types of shutters, but also materials that they are made from. From steel to aluminium, there are different options and this blog is here to help you choose the one that works best for you based on your needs and budget