What is the Best Material for Shop Front Shutters?

If you’re currently on the lookout for a shutter for your shop, you might have found that there’s a wide range of not just types of shutters, but also materials that they are made from. From steel to aluminium, there are different options and this blog is here to help you choose the one that works best for you based on your needs and budget

So, what is the best material for shop front shutters? Aluminium shutters are ideal if you’re looking for a shop shutter that is aesthetically pleasing, practical and last but not least, secure. Aluminium doesn’t rust and is lighter than other materials, making it easy for you to maintain your shop shutters. 

But what else do you need to consider when choosing the material? Does aluminium have any disadvantages? Read on to find out more. And here’s something handy: we’ve also included information about the different types of shop shutters, which you might find useful if you’re still considering the different options.

What Material is Best for Shop Front Shutters?

When it comes to choosing a commercial shutter, we know how important it is to keep in mind key factors such as:

  • Security – After all, a shutter’s ultimate job is to keep your shop safe and protected.
  • Ease of operation Heavy shutters, especially if manual, can require a lot of physical strength when opening and closing them. Therefore, it’s worth considering more lightweight or automatically-operated options if it is a relatively large shop front. 
  • Longevity – Of course, you’d want to invest in something durable that will last a long time.
  • Cost – The price of a shop shutter will vary depending on its type and material, so it’s worth looking into the different options to find the one that offers the best value for money.
  • Aesthetic – Whether this is an important factor for you or not, being able to choose from a range of colours and coatings for your shutter can be an added bonus. After all, it can make your business stand out even outside its opening hours. 

Taking into consideration all these factors, aluminium has proven to be the best material for shop front shutters. Here’s how it performs against the factors mentioned above.

Are Aluminium Shop Front Shutters Secure?

Aluminium might not necessarily sound like the most secure material, especially when compared with steel for example. However, it’s more reliable than you might think.

That’s because aluminium is a material that’s actually known for its resilience and strength. From aircraft components to window frames, it’s used for a wide range of purposes because of its properties. 

Sykes Tip: if security is important to you, but so is the opportunity for passersby to peep into your shop to see the amazing items you’ve got on offer, then aluminium brick bond shutters are a great choice.

Aluminium Brick Bond Shutters

Are Aluminium Shop Front Shutters Easy to Operate?

The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is what makes aluminium shutters so easy to operate. Whether you go for one that’s manually or electronically operated, you can be confident it won’t require a huge physical effort when opening or closing it.

Are Aluminium Shop Front Shutters Durable?

The short answer is: yes. The long answer? Yes, but you do need to make sure you invest in a quality aluminium shutter.

While aluminium itself doesn’t rust, it corrodes. That’s why when buying an aluminium shutter, it’s important to:

  • Ask whether it has the needed protective coating to prevent it from corroding.
  • Take care of it by cleaning it at least once a year to avoid buildup of dirt.

Are Aluminium Shop Front Shutters Cheaper Than Alternatives?

The cost of shop front shutters would depend on not only the material but also its type and way of operation among other factors.

Nevertheless, aluminium provides the best value for money as it is cheaper than steel and polycarbonate while still providing a good level of security.

Can Aluminium Shop Front Shutters Be Customised?

Yes, aluminium is a material that can be easily customised to create shutters that come in different shapes, colours and with different coatings. 

Did you know?  Here at Sykes, we can create a tailored-made shutter for your shop, painted in a colour that matches your branding.

What Other Materials Can Shop Front Shutters Be Made From?

Apart from aluminium, other popular materials for shop front shutters include steel, timber and polycarbonate. Let’s have a look at how they compare to aluminium.

Steel Shutters

Steel is a popular choice of material due to its durability and the security it provides.

This is because, steel shutters are much heavier than ones made from aluminium, so they tend to be electrically operated. If security is the top priority for you, then these would be a good choice for you. However, bear in mind that steel shutters don’t offer as much flexibility when it comes to customising them.

Wooden Shutters

These are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and easy to tailor to your shop front. However, it’s important to mention that the level of protection is nowhere near the one of aluminium shutters.

Polycarbonate Shutters

This is a great material to go for if you would like passersby to be able to see everything inside as these shutters are almost fully transparent.  They look stylish and provide a good level of security, but are more expensive than the other options. 

What Type of Shutters is Best for Shop Fronts?

From solid roller shutters to perforated ones, there are different types of shutters on the market and what’s the best one would depend on your needs and shop front.

Brick Bond and Perforated Shutters

Also known as open grilles, these are shutters that have small holes, so they provide great visibility for passersby.  Find out more about what kind of premises they’re most suitable for on our dedicated perforated and brick bond shutters pages.

Solid Roller Shutters

On the other hand, solid shutters are perfect if you would like the inside of your premises to stay private. The solid non-vision lath makes it impossible for people to peep into your shop, so you can keep the inside of your shop out of the public eye.

Solid Roller Shutters in Gray

Electric vs Manual

Depending on how you would like your shop front shutter to be operated, you can go for either an electric or a manual one. There are pros and cons to each of them, but the most important factors to consider are the size of your shop front and the budget that you’ve got.

Not sure which type to go for?  Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your shutter needs.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best shutter for your shop front is a task that requires a lot of research, but that’s understandable, considering how much of an investment it is. At Sykes, we’re here to help. Browse our dedicated Roller Shutters page or get in touch if you need more information or advice.

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