Roller Shutter Repairs and Maintenance

Whether your roller shutter had an operational failure or you’d like to avoid serious repairs in the future, then our expert team can help. Get in touch and our team will come to you to repair the damage or inspect your roller shutter to ensure it meets legal requirements.

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    Emergency Roller Shutter Repairs

    Although extremely durable, a roller shutter can break and here at Sykes, we realise the importance of having it fixed fast. Our team are on hand to repair your shutter in cases of:

    Breakage following an attempted forced entry

    Mechanical fault in case the shutter can’t open or close properly

    Damage following vandalism acts

    Whether you have an electronic or manually-operated shutter, we can repair it. Our team can replace parts, fix the operating mechanism and even replace the entire roller shutter. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

    Roller Shutter Maintenance to Avoid Emergency Repairs

    Having your shutter serviced regularly can help avoid costly repairs down the line. Additionally, due to the health and safety risks a faulty shutter poses, there are strict regulations such as the The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 that require you to make sure that all equipment and systems, including roller shutters, should be ‘subject to a suitable system of maintenance’.

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    Benefits of Regular Roller Shutter Maintenance:

    Prolongs the life of your roller shutter

    Helps you abide by the roller shutter laws in the UK

    A good way of finding faults before it’s too late

    Helps avoid accidents

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Types of Roller Shutters Need Regular Maintenance?

    All commercial roller shutters need regular inspection, regardless of whether they are garage doors, perforated or solid ones or whether they are manually or electrically-operated.

    What Is Checked as Part of Roller Shutter Maintenance?

    During a roller shutter inspection, the condition of the following components is checked:

    • Motor
    • Hand chain (manual shutters) or manual override system (electric shutters)
    • Laths
    • Shutter fabric
    • Safety break
    • Roller
    • Condition of the bottom rail

    Note: the least is not exclusive. As part of the inspection, our experts will check whether other shutter components are performing as well as they should be.

    How Can I Keep My Roller Shutter in Good Condition?

    To avoid costly repairs, aim to call a technician whenever you see a sign of wear and tear as this could prevent more damage down the line. Also, make sure you clean your roller shutter regularly to avoid the build-up of dirt. Finally, make sure you invest in a quality shutter.