Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Bring the outside in with a sliding folding door, perfect for both commercial and residential settings. The combination of glass and aluminium gives folding sliding doors a sleek and modern look while allowing you to enjoy the outside view. Request a callback and we will work with you to understand your requirements.

    Customised Folding Sliding Doors 

    When it comes to the appearance of a store, office or other commercial and residential premises, looks matter. This is why here at Sykes, we are dedicated to designing doors that match your branding and meet your needs to a tee. 

    Commercial bi-fold doors come in many sizes and can have different features, including:

    2, 3, 4 or more panels/sections

    Frames can be made from different materials

    Panels can be painted in different colours

    They can open to the outside or the inside

    Suitable for different applications: e.g. internal and external,  commercial and residential, etc.

    The price of folding sliding doors can vary depending on their features, so if you are interested to find out how much it would cost you, get in touch. The quote is totally free and you do not need to commit to buying it.

    Why Choose Slide and Fold Doors?

    Here are just a few of the benefits of getting a sliding folding door:

    They combine sleek appearance and practicality.

    Their mechanism allows you to open and close them smoothly.

    They are a great choice if your premises have a large doorway area.

    They allow for more light to enter the room, making it look more welcoming.

    They are easy to customise making them suitable for almost any setting.


    Are Bi-Folding Doors Secure?

    Yes, they are as secure as other commercial doors such as glass and automatic doors. They have a range of access controls that we will share with you when installing them. However, if security is a priority for you, it’s worth getting a shop front shutter installed.

    Are Sliding Folding Doors Easy to Maintain?

    ParagraphYes, the mechanism of those doors is designed to be durable, so you shouldn’t have any issues for a long time. However, for peace of mind, all our doors include a full warranty and you can also benefit from our commercial door maintenance service.

    Are Bi-Fold Doors Better Than Sliding Doors?

    Although their opening mechanisms differ, sliding and bi-folding doors are very similar, so deciding which one is ‘better’ would depend on your preferences. Slide and fold doors are a more popular choice for commercial settings, but bi-fold doors are a better option if you don’t want to opt for a fully-glass door.

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