Insulated Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Our garage shutters are made to measure, giving you a smooth, vertical opening solution to your garage door needs. All doors are manufactured from foam-filled aluminium lath and are available in twelve different colours or four different wood effect finishes.

The extensive variety of finishes means that you’ll be able to find a garage door that is perfectly suited to your requirements and enhance not only the security of your property, but also its aesthetics.

Additional benefits include a remote-controlled system, enhanced security and reduction in heat loss and exterior noise whilst also freeing up valuable driveway space. For example, a vehicle can be parked within 50mm of the door without disrupting the operation of your new roller shutters. Get a free quote now.

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    About Our Roller Shutter Garage Doors

    Sykes are committed to offering the perfect garage door, therefore all doors are manufactured using the highest quality components and safety is never compromised.

    All of our garage shutters are:


    Two keyfob transmitters and a remote-controlled unit with a high-security rolling code system


    18mm interlocking aluminium door sections that are insulated for maximum thermal efficiency


    Somfy tubular motor drive unit, complete with manual override facility


    A choice of 12 colours and 4 different wood grain finishes, making it easy to tailor to your branding

    Exceptionally Secure

    Safety photo reflective system with universal mounting brackets and an optional security locking system ensuring the premier-roll system is locked when in the closed position

    And more

    A reinforced bottom section complete with a heavy-duty bottom seal and an aluminium sidetrack system, fully colour coated

    Why Choose Sykes Garage Doors?

    2 Week Turnaround

    All of our jobs are delivered with a two week turnaround time from the receipt of your order.

    Your One-Stop-Shop

    Here at Sykes, we don’t just fit shutters and shopfronts, but we also manufacture and maintain them. Our end-to-end service sets us apart.

    After Sales Service

    We are on hand to offer support when you need it, delivering 100% customer satisfaction. All shutters include a full warranty too.

    Colour Match

    Branding is important. We can manufacture your shutters in any colour that you require and can match the colour to your branding.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Insulated Garage Shutter Doors Worth It?

    If security is a priority for you, then a garage shutter is worth investing in. Not only that, but it provides thermal insulation and an alternative way of personalising your premises while being easy to use and giving you peace of mind.

    Are Roller Shutter Garage Doors Secure?

    Yes, garage shutters are one of the most effective ways of keeping your premises secure and preventing break-ins. Roller shutter garage doors are electrically operated, so they can only be opened if the motor on the inside is activated. Therefore, they cannot be forced to open manually.

    If you are looking for added security, why not opt for our optional security locking system ensuring the premier-roll system is locked when in the closed position?

    How Do I Programme My Roller Shutter Remote?

    When we install your roller shutters we will help programme the remotes so that you have easy access with the push of a button. It’s quick and easy and the cutting-edge Somfy technology will make it easy to control your shutter.

    How Can I Clean My Garage Shutters?

    Use a sponge and warm water mixed with a household cleaning detergent or washing-up liquid to clean the garage door. Ideally, you’d do this at least once a year to avoid the build-up of everyday dirt.

    If you are looking for professional cleaning and/or repair services, we provide maintenance around the clock to fix any issues or simply give your shutters a fresh sparkle.

    How Long Does It Take To Install Garage Roller Shutters?

    At Sykes, we aim to get your garage door shutters installed within two weeks of your initial request for a quote – so if time is of the essence then please get in touch with us today so that we can get the ball rolling.

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