Shop Front Shutters: What Is Their Purpose?

Retail premises are among the most commonly targeted by criminals, with 35% of businesses reported experiencing several instances of robbery in the last year. Therefore, sufficient protection from theft, broken windows, and other damage must be provided. This is where shop front shutters come in. 

The purpose of a shop’s front shutter is to protect the building, its assets, and the people inside. Shop front shutters protect shops against crimes while also acting as a deterrent and reducing insurance costs. Whatever your needs are, there is a shop front shutter for you.

To find out the purpose of shop front shutters, the different types, and how much they cost – carry on reading.

What Is The Purpose of Shop Front Shutters?

As previously mentioned, the primary function of shop front shutters is to safeguard the building, its valuables, and the people within. However, shop front shutters also serve the purpose of enhancing accessibility and encouraging customer engagement. Let’s delve into this. 

Security and Protection

The most important reason for shop front shutters is security and protection. In the past year, businesses experienced the highest incidence of crime, primarily in the form of theft, with 247,000 instances. Shop front shutters act as a physical barrier that deters unauthorised access and potential threats. These shutters serve as a formidable obstacle, preventing break-ins, vandalism, and other criminal activities. 

Moreover, shutters protect the store from bad weather and make sure it stays safe after closing time, keeping everything inside secure. This helps business owners feel more secure and at ease about the overall safety of their shop.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Modern shop front shutter designs prioritise accessibility by incorporating features such as remote control mechanisms, automatic sensors, and ease of operation. This assists people with mobility challenges by incorporating features like remote control mechanisms and automatic sensors. This ensures easier access to and exit from premises, creating a convenient and welcoming shopping experience for everyone.

Customer Engagement

Beyond their basic role in safeguarding a store’s merchandise and premises, shop front shutters play a crucial role in shaping the overall customer experience. When strategically designed, shop front shutters contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a storefront, creating an inviting and visually appealing aesthetic. This visual appeal is not only vital for attracting potential customers but also fosters a sense of trust and professionalism. By investing in aesthetically pleasing shutters, businesses can actively engage customers even when the store is closed, leaving a lasting positive impression that extends beyond regular operating hours

What Are The Different Types Of Shop Front Shutters?

Shop front shutters come in a wide variety of styles since they must meet the particular needs of any kind of business. The most common style of shop front shutters includes:

Brick Bond Shutters

Brick bond roller shutters comprise various components, such as a horizontal curtain, side guides, bottom rail, barrel, assembly, and canopy. Positioned above the entrance, there is a box that encloses the roller shutter doors when open, effectively maximising floor space utilisation. The design allows extra shelving and displays to be mounted on the wall.

Solid Roller Shutters

Solid roller shutters are robust and durable security solutions commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. These shutters are constructed from sturdy materials, such as metal or aluminium, forming a solid barrier that enhances the security of doors and windows. The solid design provides a high level of resistance against forced entry, vandalism, and adverse weather conditions.

Perforated Roller Shutters

Perforated roller shutters consist of multiple elements, encompassing a perforated metal slat-based horizontal curtain, side guides, bottom rail, barrel, assembly, and canopy. When these roller shutter doors are opened, they elegantly retract into a box situated above the entryway. This design not only optimises floor space utilisation but also allows for the efficient use of wall space, accommodating shelves or storage units with ease.

Electric Roller Shutters

Electric roller shutters are used to increase out-of-hours security to ensure your business is as safe as possible. Considering how easy they are to use, they are very popular among businesses. As an added benefit, they are energy-efficient, so if you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your building, these are a good choice. 

To find out more about the different types of roller shutters, check out our blog.

How Do I Choose The Right Shop Front Shutter For My Business?

Choosing the right shop front shutter for your business involves considering several key factors. Firstly, assess the level of security required; opt for robust materials such as steel for high-risk areas. 

Secondly, consider aesthetics, selecting a shutter design that compliments your storefront and enhances visual appeal is essential. 

Additionally, factor in local regulations and safety standards to ensure compliance. Ultimately, balancing security, aesthetics, and regulatory requirements will guide you in selecting the most suitable shop front shutter for your business.

How Much Do Shop Front Shutters Cost?

When it comes to shop front shutters installation, there is no set price. The price of installation will vary depending on size and location. To get a free quote, get in touch here.

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