A Guide to Types of Roller Shutters

A roller shutter is a rolling door system made up of several components, including horizontal slats which make up the curtain, barrel, canopy and bottom rail. The shutter is raised up and neatly tucked inside a box above the entryway to open it and lowered down when closed. Roller shutters provide a high level of protection for both businesses and domestic households, but have you ever considered what the different types of roller shutters are and which is best for your needs? In this blog, we give you a complete guide to the different types of roller shutters and what makes them different. 

So, what are the different types of roller shutters? There are six main types of roller shutters; electric roller shutters, brick bond shutters, garage door shutters, solid roller shutters, rolling grilles and perforated roller shutters – all designed and manufactured for different purposes. 

Read on to find out more about the different types of roller shutters and understand what makes them different, as well as what you should consider when choosing a roller shutter for your home or business. 

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The Different Types of Roller Shutters 

Rollers shutters’ fundamental purpose is to provide a higher level of security for both households and businesses alike but we understand that when choosing one you want to take into consideration aesthetics, material, security, and your requirements. There are many different types of roller shutters available for you to choose from; below we outline the different types of roller shutters and how they differ from one another.

Electric Roller Shutters

Electric Roller shutters are ideal and traditionally used for factories, shop fronts and garage doors. Most can be electrically operated and are a popular choice amongst business owners as they create enhanced security and act as a deterrent to potential break ins. What’s more, they create greater levels of insulation and light blockage and are more convenient compared to that of manual shutters as they have quicker opening speeds. 

Brick Bond Shutters

Mimicking the appearance of brickwork, brick bond shutters are ideal for businesses operating in sectors such as estate, travel or retail. Their rectangle window cutouts allow people passing by to look into what the shop has to offer, great for businesses who want their products or service to be on show 24/7. 

Many people speculate that because of their cutouts brick bond shutters may be less secure but rest assured if you were to select these shutters for your business they offer no material difference in the level of security provided. 

Aluminium Brick Bond Shutters

Garage Door Shutters

Garage door shutters are perfect for domestic households as they offer that extra level of security, giving you comfort in knowing your house is safe and protected. They also offer you complete control over the amount of light you allow into the room whilst also adding an extra layer of insulation so they are perfect for keeping out those cold winters. 

Solid Roller Shutters

Solid roller shutters provide complete privacy for your shop, property or business premise as they are made in non-vision laths. Unlike the brick bond kind, solid roller shutters have no gaps or breaks in the laths and have many benefits including deterring break-ins as the inside cannot be seen. This increases privacy out of hours as well as protecting your shop or business front from vandalism. 

Rolling Grilles 

Security rolling grilles are much like brick bond shutters in the sense that they are designed with small squares providing out-of-hours security while still allowing potential customers a chance to look at what your business has to offer even after you are shut. 

Although traditionally only manually operated, at Sykes we offer both manual and electronic security rolling grilles to offer our customers the option that is the most convenient for them. Why not find out more about our shutters on our website?

Perforated Roller Shutters 

Perforated roller shutters are similar to others we have mentioned in a security sense, but the key difference is that these have lots of small holes in them. This serves two main functions: it helps to create a good airflow for the premise continually, even when you are closed, which is perfect for stores with products that require ventilation. 

Secondly, it helps potential customers to look into your store even when you are closed to see what you have to offer and also allows security guards to provide quick and easy checkups inside your store. The hole cutouts also create a great aesthetic advantage for the premise as they take advantage of natural light to help illuminate your store out of hours, making these shutters a firm favourite amongst business owners. 

What Material are Roller Shutters?

There is not only a wide range of shutters available but also the types of material that they are available in from wood, polycarbonate to steel there’s something available for everybody and most shop shutters can be tailored to fit these materials. However one of the most popular choices for material for shutters is aluminium as they are aesthetically pleasing, secure and practical, ticking all the major boxes for what people want from a shutter. 

Want to learn more about the different types of materials available for shutters and why professionals at Sykes think aluminium is the best choice for you, check out our recent blog

What Are the Best Type of Roller Shutters?

When deciding what roller shutter is best for you, you have to take into consideration what you want from the aesthetic, material and security of the shutter, and make your decision on what style is going to deliver on your requirements. All roller shutters offer a high level of security, much more than that of a simple door, so you just have to consider what is going to be the best for you. 

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