What are Aluminium Shopfronts and Their Benefits?

With 61% of customers prefer shopping in-store to online, the appearance of your business is essential. Your appearance matters significantly, as it can influence whether someone chooses to enter your shop or not. One way you can enhance your shop’s aesthetic is by upgrading to aluminium shopfronts. However, what exactly are aluminium shopfronts, and what advantages do they bring?

Aluminium shopfronts are a contemporary option for shopfront shutters. These installations provide numerous advantages for your business, such as enhanced security and lower energy costs. 

Continue reading to discover the advantages of aluminium shopfronts and determine whether upgrading your shutters is the right choice for you.

What Are Aluminium Shopfronts and What Benefits Do They Have?

An aluminium shopfront serves as a modern entrance to a shop or business, crafted from lightweight but robust aluminium. These entrances often have sleek designs, incorporating elements like glass doors and windows to create an inviting and modern appearance. 

Using aluminium ensures durability and resistance to corrosion, making the shopfronts long-lasting and low maintenance. With their attractive aesthetics and practical advantages, aluminium shopfronts are effective and visually appealing business entry points.

Benefits of Aluminium  Shopfronts

Take a look below for reasons to invest in aluminium shopfronts for your business.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Aluminium shopfronts are highly durable and corrosion-resistant, making them an excellent choice for long-term use. As a result of the material’s inherent strength, it can withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain its structural integrity over time.

Additionally, aluminium requires minimal maintenance, reducing the overall cost of upkeep for business owners. Unlike other materials, aluminium does not rust, warp, or deteriorate easily, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for shopfronts.

Design Flexibility and Aesthetic Appeal

According to a 2019 study, 80% of customers would try a new store if the exterior was inviting – which confirms that first impressions matter. Aluminium shopfronts offer incredible design flexibility, allowing for the creation of a custom and visually appealing appearance. The material can be easily moulded and shaped to accommodate various architectural styles, allowing businesses to express their brand identity through unique and eye-catching designs. 

Moreover, aluminium shopfronts can be finished with a wide range of colours and textures, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the storefront. This versatility in design ensures that businesses can create a distinctive and inviting entrance that attracts customers.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Less than a third of businesses (31%) said they were enthusiastic about making their business more sustainable in 2023, down from 39% in 2022. If you have the option to make a greener choice, why wouldn’t you? Using aluminium shopfronts is one way to make your business greener.

Aluminium is a sustainable and energy-efficient material that aligns with modern environmental standards. Aluminium production requires less energy than other metals, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint. 

Additionally, aluminium shopfronts can be equipped with energy-efficient glazing options, improving insulation and reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. This not only enhances the overall energy efficiency of the building but also helps businesses lower their operational costs. 

By choosing aluminium shopfronts, businesses can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability while enjoying the practical benefits of energy efficiency.

Should I Upgrade to an Aluminium  Shopfront?

Upgrading shop front shutters becomes essential for individuals and businesses looking to enhance security, modernise their storefronts, or adapt to changing needs. Older shutter systems may lack advanced security features, making them susceptible to break-ins or damage. Upgrading to more robust materials like aluminium increases durability and resistance to external elements, ensuring a more secure barrier against potential threats. 

Additionally, evolving aesthetic trends and branding considerations may prompt a visual overhaul. Upgraded shutters offer enhanced security and allow businesses to present a fresh, contemporary image that aligns with their brand identity. Therefore, yes, it is worth upgrading to aluminium shopfronts! 

How Much Are Aluminium Shopfronts?

The cost of installing aluminium shopfronts is flexible; it fluctuates based on factors such as the size and location of the business. Therefore, each business will have a different price. 

Why Choose Sykes Shutters London?

At Sykes, we have been manufacturing and installing aluminium shopfronts for more than 35 years. We provide a full suite of bespoke shutter design services tailored to all our customers’ budgets and visions. To find out more information, contact us today for a free quote, and a member of our team will be happy to assist! 

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